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Last Thoughts: Window (The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge)

“Never have more children than you have car windows.” – Erma Bombeck As always, the Friday Edition combines a quote with a favorite photo. I tailor these to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme which, this week, is “Window”. I love travel. We went on many car trips when I was a kid. There were … Continue reading

Take the time to work on your goals: You never know where they may lead you

This week, your challenge has been to look over your goals and re-evaluate them. Are there changes that need to be made? Are there tweaks that need to be adopted? Or are there goals you may need to completely eliminate because they no longer serve your needs–or because you actually succeeded and met the goals … Continue reading

Be careful what you wish for–you just might get it!

You know that old saying, “Be careful for you wish for, because you just might get it.” Singer Chris Daughtry even says the same thing in his song, “Home”. I always used to laugh at how silly it was to be careful about what I wished for. After all, aren’t all our wishes good ones? … Continue reading

You made a wish…now what?

Wishing on a star, wishing in a tunnel, wishing on the candles on our birthday cake…we’ve done them all. But when the wishing is over, do you tell, or do you keep it secret? Most people keep their wishes a secret, but in doing so, they lose out on two valuable methods for making their … Continue reading

Getting a good night’s sleep: How to outsmart insomnia

I had a hard time going to sleep last night. Unfortunately, this happens a lot more often than I care to admit. Some of the time, it’s outside of my control–I might be worried over something stressful, or I might be up late due to travel, like last weekend. Sometimes, however, it’s my fault. For … Continue reading

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