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Shooting the Supermoon

Supermoon over Maine – © 2012 Karina Chapman Last night, May 5, 2012, we were treated to the sight of a “Supermoon”–a new term coined recently which simply means that the full moon lies at its perigee, or closest approach to Earth. That “closest approach” still put it 221,802 miles away last night. People all … Continue reading

From the Photographic Archives: “Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary”

Creating good photographs isn’t always as easy as pointing the camera and clicking the button. Sometimes, as Dewitt Jones says, you have to keep looking for “the next right answer”. If you don’t keep trying, you might miss out on what he calls “finding the extraordinary in the ordinary”. A couple of years ago, we … Continue reading

Last Thoughts: Night, Distorted

“We never see Life as it really is. All we can ever see is the reflection of Life, distorted by our unique perceptions.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie As always, the Friday edition combines a quote with a favorite photo. I tailor these to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme, which this week is “Distorted”. My … Continue reading

“Rant: I Love Photography” (Reblog from Allen Murabayashi, via PetaPixel)

A few days ago, I read an amazing blog post. It was “Rant: I Love Photography”, written by Allen Murabayashi. His post really resonated with me; I actually read it twice through, I was so excited. Why, you ask? Well, I have a professional photographer brother (Roy), and my father is an accomplished photographer in … Continue reading

Monday Challenge: Shoot some pictures!

Ever since I picked up my first camera, I have loved photography. That camera was one of the more popular cameras of the 1970s: a Kodak Pocket Instamatic 10. It was actually my sister’s, but for some reason, she let me use it. (Thank you, Sylvia!) That old Instamatic used small, C-shaped film cartridges and … Continue reading

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