Sex on Sunday Morning: Is It Good for the Soul?

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  • May 27, 2017
  • I normally finish my working for charlotte escorts on a Saturday night. It is a wonderful to come off duty and be able to hang your shoes up, or rather your stilettos. Most of the time, I go straight home to my boyfriend after having finished the Saturday night shift at charlotte escorts, and get him to give me a nice foot massage. Then I have a nice warm shower, and it is straight to bed for this girl. I love it, and it is actually feels like it is good for me to have this little bit of set routine.

    When I wake up on Sunday morning, I am often more relaxed and I am in the mood for some loving. My boyfriend tends to sleep on his side, so I start my Sunday morning by running my tongue down his back. It turns him on, and wake him up, at the same time. When I speak to my other colleagues at London escorts, it is clear that most girls at our charlotte escorts service have got their own Sunday morning routine. It may not involve sex, but rather quite often it does.

    Is sex on Sunday morning the ultimate chicken soup for the soul? I am honestly beginning to think so. We all know that sex has a lot of health benefits. When you have sex when you are much more relaxed, you will soon find that you feel even better. Not all of the gents that I date at London escorts are as lucky as I am to have sex on Sunday morning, but those who are, don’t seem to suffer from frequent colds or high blood pressure. I wish that all of the gents that I date at London escorts, had someone they could make love to on Sunday morning.

    Of course, it helps if you have sex with someone that you love. Having sex altogether is good for you, but it is even better if you have sex with someone that you love. Not only will sex with someone that you love stimulate the body, but it stimulates the mind as well. Lovers who have more frequent relaxed sex have much better personal relationships with their partners. My charlotte London escorts gents often love at me when I tell them that, but it is true. Relationships are very complicated, but you can help along in many different ways.

    I am sure that a lot of my friends at London escorts appreciate the value of making love with their partners. Quality sex is very important, but there is nothing wrong with the odd quickie. Sometimes it can be fun just to go at it like mad when you feel the need, and like so many other people, I like doing that as well. Sunday morning should always be special, and I think that it is important to have a special Sunday morning routine for the entire family. Even our two dogs know that they have to sleep late on a Sunday morning…

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